Thursday, November 20, 2008

Be Thankful

I have been thinking a lot about how Thanksgiving really doesn't get the promotion it deserves. It gets lumped in with Christmas and I think that's wrong. Don't get me wrong Christmas will always be my favorite but Thanksgiving is great holiday too. So I have been trying personally give Thanksgiving it's own time. Usually as soon as it starts getting cold I bust out the Christmas movies and CDs but I am trying to hold back ...I also have been hitting the craft stores for decorations and crafts to do with Will. And really there isn't a whole lot to choose from. I have,however, discovered a cool magazine "Family Fun" that has a lot of great holiday ideas. Check out the website Working on some turkey crafts might help a little. I will post pics later. I did find a singing turkey in my attic that I bought forever ago that Will seems to love! Here is a pic....there is a piece of dried fruit in his mouth that Will fed him! LOL!

Last Sunday we went to a Thomas event at our local AC Moore. Will is all about choo-choos lately so I thought he would enjoy this. I didn't expect him to sit long but he actually did well. Unfortunately they were using paint pens and Sharpie's to color them which I thought was stupid. But he actually colored for about 5 mins or so which is progress. They also had snow you add on to your car ...I did his snow when we got home.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Late Halloween Crafts

Altered coaster wall hanging Mummy Pumpkin