Friday, June 26, 2009

Seeing Stars

We had a great time making this 4th of July Discovery Bottle. I got the idea from Teaching My Little Bookworm's Blog. Check it out she has awesome ideas. For this project we combined corn syrup,water and confetti. The corn syrup to water ration depends on how fast you want the confetti to flow. This project was great for practicing pouring not to mention a sparkly decoration!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Star Bird Feeders Part 2 and Goodwill Finds

After our stars dried out we coated them in peanut butter and bird seed. Then we hung them on a string next to grandma's driveway. I hope the birds (or maybe the squirrels ) enjoy them!
Stopped in to the Goodwill while running errands today and found some cool stuff. A box of crayons = $1, a shape bingo game=$.50,a set of lace shoe cards=1$ and some green glitter= $.50. Will is already enjoying his new toys.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Star Bird Feeders

This week we are working on 4th of July projects. I have found a lot of cool blogs that have inspired me to do more activities with Will. Since he almost three I am hoping his attention span will be a little longer! LOL! I can only hope. We are going to have a theme every week-reminiscent of my Childhood Ed days. The project we did today was Star Bird Feeders courtesy of Teaching My Little Bookworm's blog. We took star cookie cutters, cut of bread stars and poked a hole in them with a straw. Now they are drying. Tomorrow we will spread peanut butter on them and dip in bird seed. Then we will add string and hang from a tree branch. I think Will really enjoyed this he kept saying "Cool Mommy!" I am glad! This is the first project we have done in a while and I am looking forward to the rest of the week!
Showing His Work
The Finished Project!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Discovery Island

Today we went to a local water park Discovery Island. It was so much fun. Will loved the water slide and I am proud to say he does not get that from me! I am a weenie when it comes to rides and stuff. I wanted him to ride the lazy river with me but he pointed to the slide and whined "Heee" (as in Wheee!) Which what he calls a slide.Got a little sunburn but I wanted some color and for me that's as good as it gets. Can't wait to go back-maybe on a weekday though when it's not as crowded.
I don't think so!
Will and Daddy
Will and Mommy
I'd rather be on the slide with dad!
One last ride

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Swap

Just wanted to tell everyone about a cool summer project we are participating in. It is a swap that matches your child up with a child from an other state. You get to send out a box of goodies to them and your child receives one as well. Will loves getting packages so I think he'll really enjoy this. Details at this site or you can click on the button to the right(with the flip flops). Check it out!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Goodies and Snake Catchin'

Here's some pictures of mom's birthday back in the beginning of the month. I made her a 60 Sucks bouquet,got her a gift to Belk(one of her favorite stores) and took her to lunch. I got the bouquet idea from the Cricut MB and it turned out pretty well. I just had to hide it from Will because he LOVES Dum Dum pops.
Also a pic of my new patio set which I am so looking forward to using this summer. Got a great deal at Wal Mart and I had some anniversary money put aside. Family cook outs will be great this season! And I figure since it's a good size Will and I could do projects and play doh on it as well. I am trying to really create a relaxing vibe on my back porch -somewhere to wind down and hang out. And my summer goal is to do more reading so this will be perfect.
We got a butterfly net at the dollar store the other day to use getting bugs out of the kiddie pool but as you can see Will has other plans for it!! He told me he was catching bees! Bees is his word for anything that flies. Instead we caught a ........SNAKE!! I am not especially scared of snakes but when I encountered this up close and personal I was a little concerned. Turns out it was just a King Snake which is pretty much harmless. And they kill copperheads so that's a good thing. Will was not afraid at all -he hissed at it and tried to follow it down into the woods.
Mom's Birthday Goodies
Lookin' good at 60!!New Patio Set All serious bee catchers need a lollipop!Ahhhhh!