Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SC Blizzard

Here's are some pics of this past Tuesday- the aftermath of our blizzard!! I know I grew up with snow so it shouldn't be a big deal -but it is! We got about 4" which,to me, is the equivalent of 4' in NY. We lost cable,phone,internet and then later power. Fortunately the power was only out for about 10mins. Will has had a terrible cough so I debated letting him go out. I figured there's no telling the next opportunity he'll get to play in the snow considering this is the most snow I 've seen in a while. We stayed outside for about 20mins and he has so much fun! When we first got out there he started eating the snow and then got the idea to throw it at mama! Since this was his first time in the snow I don't know where it came from. Will was NOT happy when we had to go in.
Back Porch
Ummm~ Good!
Throwing snow at me
Back yard

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  1. My gosh that looks awesome! We don't get snow at all here where I live in Australia, but we do get loads of 110 degrees PLUS temperatures in summer. Not sure which I would prefer!
    What a cute little boy - he really enjoyed himself.
    Keep up the good work.