Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Had a great time last Saturday at Will's 3rd Birthday. We had his party at our local rec center so the kids could ride George the Train. Our party theme was "Thomas" so this was a nice touch. Also we got to play in the bounce houses inside. The kids had a blast and the were exhausted by the end of it. I must say ,typically,I hate parties at these kind of places. Usually there is not a chance to personalize it like I do at home. But this was the best idea ever!! No clean up before and after and I didn't have to fix food. Plus we were inside so no complaints about the heat!! And best of all Will loved it!
On Monday(his actual birthday) we took him to the Greenville Zoo which was fun. This was his first trip to this zoo. I think he enjoyed running and playing on the playground more than the animals. It was a nice day. After nap we surprised him with our gift-a new tool bench. Then at dinner he said he wanted to eat outside so we made hot dogs and had a little cookout. It really was a perfect day.

Will and his Grammy Waiting on George the Train
The cake

Make a wish!!
Grammy with balloons

The Zoo
New tool bench

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